1327 Simone Martini (1284-1344) – Fresco from Palazzo Pubblico, Sienna

Guidoriccio da Fogliano (c. 1290 – 1352) was an Italian condottiero.

Artist Simone Martini (1284-1344). Fresco from 1328 Palazzo Pubblico. Sienna

In 1327 he was hired by the Republic of Siena to attack the possessions of the rival Pisa and the Aldobrandeschi in the Maremma and Mount Amiata areas. In July 1328, with an army of 900 cavalry and 6,000 infantry, he besieged the village of Montemassi defended by Castruccio Castracani, conquering it after seven months. He also captured the Castle of Sassoforte. In 1331 Guidoriccio also took Scansano, Arcidosso and Massa Marittima and, the following year, he defeated the Pisani at Giuncarico.

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